Protection Policy

We, at Flightopedia, are committed towards data protection and always strive to protect your personal information. We respect your privacy and therefore,

We are transparent about the use of information that we ever collect from you.

We only use your data for specific purposes as are described here in our Data Protection Policy.

We also use and analyse your information to bring out special offers for your travelling needs.

Once you opt out of our marketing messages, we act on your requests immediately. However, we are obliged to send out particular information and important changes about your flight and trip itinerary.

You get full access and control over your stored information.

Common FAQs of our Data Protection Policy What do you mean by personal information?

Personal information is everything that refers to your details like your name and contact number, your purchase history and travel arrangements, given to us by you on your enquiry or reservation with Flightopedia.

What are specific detail that we collect from you?

At the time of booking with Flightopedia, you are required to share your personal details and other members travelling like Your name, e-mail, contact details, address, date of birth, passport number, gender, account details and payment information. Also, the booking details, travel itinerary, details of additional assistance as requested by you, and other travel-related details such as dietary requirements. We also have information to services that you might have booked with us in the past. Any online information that you may have shared with us on our website, is also a part of your personal information. Also, in order to enhance your experience and personalise internet banner advertisements, we use cookies and your internet related searches.

How to keep your information safe?

Although we take extra care of all your personal information that you share with us, there is always few things that you could take care of:

Never share your booking reference number with anyone. Keep it confidential.

For if you want your bookings not to be shared with your travel partners, always make a separate booking.

Always keep a lookout for any kind of Internet fraud and phishing in forms of unsolicited emails.

When and How do we disclose your information?

We only disclose your personal information to:

service providers associated with your trip. These service providers may be based outside the UK/EEA.

law, and where such request is made by a legal authority, in case it is required.

However, if any point of time, you can choose to abstain from sharing some of the information that we request. But it can lead to incomplete booking.

How long do we keep personal information?

We keep our customers’ information only till the time is required like for booking purposes, handle or respond to any queries, complaints or concerns related to your booking.

What are your rights?

At Flightopedia, you can request a copy of information that includes

Agents name

Agents Phone and Fax numbers

Agents email address

Passenger Details

You can always write to us at and we will ensure that we correct or remove any information that you think is wrong.